We have one service for you and that is to take lots of pictures and have fun doing it.  We will setup for any party you can think of.  It is great for Christmas, Birthdays, Halloween and Weddings.  If you have a party that you don't want anyone to ever forget you have to book your photo booth today.

What you get:

We will deliver and install the facebooth anywhere that you can proved space for us.  Keep in mind that when the camera starts the people will come in a hurry.  So make sure that the location that you select is adequate to have room for the booth, props and a gauntlet of people trying to get their picture taken. 

You also get:

  • Onsite printing - Immediate 4 x 6 Hi-Res Photo printout  (includes up to 4 poses)
  •  Secure ONLINE gallery
  • Private curtian booth
  • Simple push button operation
  • Latest music playing (until the DJ overpowers)
  • Unlimited pictures
  • Custom text messages printed on each picture
  • Custom picture layout
  • DVD of all the pictures both single shot and layout pictures
  • Private Curtained Booth
  • Onsite printing
  • Large Prop chest (Hats, glasses, jail house costume, etc)
  • An attendant for the evening
  • Free setup and take down and travel in St. John’s area

What your guest get:

  • A instant printout of the photo session (Actually its more like 17 seconds after they exit the booth)
  • The most fun they are every going to have behind closed curtians with a camera
  • 4 x 6 Photo (includes 4 poses)
  • Secure ONLINE gallery


*2 hour (No onsite printing)  


2 hour


4 hour




Each additional hour


*St. John's and imediate area only


Green Screen Special Effect Backgrounds


Second 4x6 print per hour