Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting a location for your booth its most important to have enough room for the booth itself, a prop table and the people that is in the lineup waiting to get in.  The booth at its maximum size is 8ft by 6ft.

Can I have custom pictures?

You can have many different arrangements, type of text, custom graphic

Can I change the images?

No.  Whatever you layout is selected first is what you have to stay with.

Do we have to choose a booth?  Can we have a open concept?

Yes, you can have it completely open.  We call that style a photo lounge.  Most people choose the booth style as its a more private feel to it.

How many people can fit in the booth at one time?

Typically 2-3 people can fit in the booth comfortably.... but if you check out the gallery you will see about 8 has been in there at one time!

What should I try to avoid?

Try not to have it too close to the dance floor.  Best place is near a door or window as it gets pretty warm with the lights, booth electronics, body heat.

We tell people not to take their own pictures with flash camera's as it interferes with the pictures of the booth.  Flash camera's will trigger some of the studio lights and cause the booth pictures to be dark as studio lights need 3-4 seconds to recharge.

How many pictures can it take in 2 hours?

Typically the booth will take about 200 pictures per hour.  The most pictures taken in 2 hours was 428.

Is there going to be someone there the whole time?

There will be an attendant there about 2 hours before the shoot (or setup earlier that day) to make sure everything is good to go.  The attendant will be there until the allotted time up.

Can I get duplicates?

Yes.  Duplicate pictures cost 50.00 per hour.

What happens if my dinner finishes late and I don't want the booth to open until an hour later.

The time slot you have booked will be the start time for the booth. If you want to keep the booth running there is an extra charge per hour for booth rental.

When do I need to book?

Typically for parties is as soon as you know where your venue is going to be located.  For wedding you should book about a year in advance.  We take many bookings at the two wedding show's we attend in the spring and the fall for the following year.