Product Catalog

There are probably as many ways to set up a store catalog as there are sites on the web. The display below is only an example of how your catalog/products page can appear. Click on a thumbnail image to see a larger product view.

Layout 1 :  One Large 3 Small

The first picture is the large top left and the next three are from left to right.  The text is usually in the top right side

Layout 2: Four Duplicates

There are four pictures and they are split down the middle.  Great if you want to share your photos between guest.

***  Yes that is Mark Critch from This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Layout 3

4 large pictures with text on the right side.  Image overlays and also be done.  You can pick any image.

Layout 4

4 large pictures with text on the right side. Choose your own Image background.  You can pick any image.

These layouts are the main ones that we use, but you can have different colors, text, fonts.  Basically catered to your taste and best of all.... its a FREE service.

Facebooth Layouts:

Shown on the right are different examples of what our booth can do.  EVERTTHING is customisable.

Each product thumbnail image uses an easy Lightbox JavaScript. Your large photos can be different sizes and the lightbox will adjust. Details on this feature are on the Template Instructions page.